Top Nursing Podcasts

With the advancements of modern technology, a lot of new methods of entertainment have been introduced over the past decade. In recent years, podcasts have become quite popular among different types of audiences. A podcast is defined as, “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.” In other words, it’s a type of blog or tv show, but in audio form. It’s free entertainment that is available on a variety of platforms; Spotify to Soundcloud. There is also a wide selection of genres to choose from, such as comedy, horror, gaming, music, sports, politics, health, education, etc. People tend to listen to podcasts while cleaning, driving, working out, at college or even at work.  Most importantly, there are plenty of podcasts that are based on the healthcare industry. Some nurses have created a solid name for themselves in the podcast world. In this blog, I’m going to outline the top nursing podcasts.

top nursing podcasts


This is a podcast created by nurses, for other nurses. The professionals talk about real-life experiences that have come from working in various medical settings. Joe Morita, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Springer, is the host of the show. Every episode features different nurses that discuss clinical issues, the life of nursing students, advanced practices, etc. The participants also talk about how politics and certain policies can influence the future of nursing. This podcast is a great way to engage future nurses in a greater discussion about the profession. Nursecasts is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Sound Cloud.


Good Nurse, Bad Nurse is a podcast that is catered to the nurses that like to stay up-to-date with current events affecting the profession. This podcast is hosted by two registered nurses. Both of them share their experiences and perspectives, as well as feature guests on their show as well. They follow the Good Cop Bad Cop premise by talking about a heartwarming story and then introducing a topic that takes a dark turn. It’s a balance of sweet and salty. This podcast is helpful for those who want to be able to relate to another nurse and also learn about the possible challenges one can face in the workplace. Some of their topics include nursing frustrations, mental health, bullying, radiology, pharmacy, and nursing challenges. Anyone that is considering to pursue a career in nursing should check out this podcast to see what it’s like working in the profession from a credible source.


This podcast offers a variety of different nursing topics. The main structure of this podcast is to provide nursing students and professionals with insightful and useful content. NRSNG is considered to be one of the best nursing podcasts out there. The host is Jon Haws, who has previously worked as a critical care registered nurse in a Level I Trauma hospital in Dallas, TX. He incorporates his own experience, insight, skills into each podcast and discusses a lot of helpful topics. There are about 2-3 episodes released every week that cover the following areas:

  • Questions and concerns from students
  • Interviews with successful leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs
  • Tips on how to succeed as a nurse
  • Nursing care for various disease processes.


If you’re looking for expertise in nursing, this is the podcast for you! The Nursing and NCLEX Mastery – The Friends of Flo Podcast. Each episode includes challenges related to hypertension medication, students tips and tricks, wound care techniques, and general guidance on how to pass the NCLEX Examination. This podcast also covers any issues that are related to the nursing field.


Host Kathleen Bartholomew discusses various issues in the medical community, as well as in the government. She explains how those issues can impact nurses and patients. She also features nurses onto her podcast and allows them to share their own stories and what challenges they’ve faced in their workplace. For anyone who is looking for a podcast with depth, and a cause and effect, Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse is the podcast for you. This podcast would be enjoyed by all different types of nurses. Her thought-provoking episodes will be engaging for student nurses and also retired nurses.


So these were some of the top nursing podcasts that might be engaging for anyone interested in nursing. You can learn so much from podcasts in your free time as well as find them super entertaining. Check any of these out if you ever feel like learning something new!