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Speech Pathology Jobs in New York

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for speech pathology jobs in New York. We have many excellent job opportunities for speech language pathologists. Our healthcare job settings include skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, schools, long term care facilities, as well as home care assignments. We have speech pathology jobs in the pediatric and geriatric settings. Speech therapists both identify and treat communication problems related to language and speech. Working with patients of all ages, speech-language pathologists seek to improve communication skills through vocal exercises and cognitive therapies. Patients may have an articulation, language, fluency, or resonance disorder, which prevents them from either being understood or understanding others. If you are a motivated and hard working individual, Horizon Healthcare Staffing is the perfect place for you.

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School Setting:

Bronx – Full-Time

Skilled Nursing Facilities:

Bronx – Part-Time


Speech Pathology Job – Bronx – School Setting

Speech Pathology Job – Brooklyn – Skilled Nursing Facility


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