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OR Tech Job in New York

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OR Tech Job Description:

Horizon Healthcare Staffing has an excellent available OR tech job in New York. Operating room technicians have a number of roles to fulfill in an operating room. The main function of an operating room technician is to assist surgeons and nurses and to participate in controlling the environment in an operating room during surgery. An operating room technician assists in maintaining a clean environment, ensuring that doctors and nurses have all the required equipment and materials for surgery, prepares patients for surgery and ensures that patients are safely returned to their rooms after their procedures.


OR Tech Job Duties / Responsibilities:

Under the direction of a surgeon, an operating room technician passes instruments that are utilized during an operation; you might also cut sutures, control breathing equipment, and sterilize and restock the operating room after surgery. An OR tech might also prepare the area of the patient’s body that’s being operated on by cleaning or shaving the area; deliver specimens to a laboratory; or dispose of waste that’s removed during an operation.

OR Tech Requirements:

Operating room technicians fall under the category of certified surgical technologists. The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) certifies surgical technologists who have completed an accredited training program and who pass the NBSTSA examination. Certified surgical technologists are required to maintain their certification through continuing education or by retaking the examination every four years.


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