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Physical Therapy Jobs in NJ


Horizon Healthcare Staffing has an incredible amount of physical therapy jobs in NJ. We staff various healthcare facilities including; skilled nursing facilities, public and private schools, outpatient facilities, adult day care centers, and in the home. The main job duty for a physical therapist is to provide skilled physical therapy services/interventions in accordance with physician orders. Our senior management team includes a licensed physical therapist, which sets us apart from many other physical therapy staffing agencies in New Jersey. We not only do a tremendous job staffing, but we also know the clinical side of the physical therapy job.

We encourage foreign trained therapists to apply for our positions. Our job opportunities are located throughout NJ.

Please click on one of the physical therapy jobs in NJ below for more details on the position:


Physical Therapy Job in New Brunswick, NJ

Physical Therapy Job in Middlesex, NJ

Physical Therapy Job in Monmouth, NJ





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