What is the Average Salary for a Home Health Aide?

Have you ever wondered what the average salary for a Home Health Aide is? What you can expect to get paid as a home health aide will vary based on your where you live, your years of experience and whether you are employed by a for-profit or non-profit agency. Other factors such as the amount of hours you are able to work will also greatly affect your salary.

On March 1, 2012 New York State passed the Worker Parity Law which states that all home care workers must be paid a minimum of $10.35.  By March 1, 2013 all Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), Long Term Home Health Care Programs (LTHHCPs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and any Licensed Home Care Service Agencies (LHCSA); who sub-contract with them must be compliant with this law. Take a look at the two graphics below for the annual mean wage of a HHA and the minimum wage for home health aides.

what is the average salary of a home health aide

average salary of hha