Building a Team Together


building a team togetherWhew!  I have been on a blog break for a month! Our computer/internet genius at the office was too kind and created a schedule at the office which gave me time in between.  Oh my!  I learned blog writing is a momentum thing.  It is imperative to keep writing them so you don’t lose it!  As I see it blogs are triggered by the day to day activities of what you are working on at that moment.

Typically, I like a lighter approach to writing blogs .  Is it different? Yes I believe so.  I will be the one that will be chuckling as I write these about the week our department had, or the events of the last day, or what the projected goals will be for the next week. Keeping up your momentum plays a significant role in team-building, and the growth of our department at Horizon.

The team I work with at Horizon is building.  Our seasoned staff is working together to groom the  new staff to the goals of what the division is successful doing, placing people in the acute care facilities.  There are so many opportunities available for RN, LPN and CNAs as well as for PCA/PCT too!

We meet frequently to review all the orders, potential resources for those orders, and where they are in the process. The new staff members in our department are learning from the best ! We need to build together to accomplish our objectives and place these people! A mini game: How long should it take for someone to be placed after they make that call or step into the office?  It’s up to your team!  Working together to accomplish this is the success of this department! This is how it will grow!

Please call our department anytime and we can direct you with what you need to be fully credentialed to work in these facilities.  You will have a face to face interview with a talented recruiter and meet members of our team.  We will then prepare you for a facility orientation.  You will be able to work full time hours in most cases.

If you are the best at what you do, we are looking for you! Call 516-880-5688