Top 5 Ways to Promote OT Month via the Internet

top 5 ways to promote ot month via the internentApril is OT Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to promote the profession. The internet has completely evolved over the past 10 years, and has made it extremely easy to promote OT Month. Whether you are considered an internet guru, or are just trying to get the hang of it all, this list of ways to promote OT month via the internet will guide you through the promotion process. These are easy and simple ways to get the word out about occupational therapy.


Twitter is a powerful tool to share information and to connect with other occupational therapy professionals. Follow industry leaders to see what they are sharing about occupational therapy to their followers. Use the hashtag #OTMonth to promote any occupational therapy content that you post to your Twitter account. Hashtags categorize your tweets. Hashtags are searchable, so keep up with the conversation by searching for #OTmonth. Connect with the individuals that have also hashtagged their tweets with #OTMonth. Retweet any great occupational therapy material that you find through your searches and through other individuals.


Facebook sports over 1 billion users. Post status updates about any relevant occupational therapy content. Take into account your friends list. Cater your occupational therapy updates to the healthcare professionals. Start “liking” company pages that are also promoting occupational therapy. Horizon Healthcare Staffing’s Facebook is continually updated with occupational therapy material. (That’s your cue to ‘like’ us)

Write Blog Posts

If you have a blog, take advantage of your platform. Each blog post is a way for people to find your site via Google search. Cater the title to occupational therapy month, and create remarkable content. Share your blog article via your various social networks, and if you feel like your content is remarkable, ask other relevant blogs to post your content. You may also want to guest post. Get in touch with a blog author that writes about occupational therapy. Show them your expertise in the profession, and ask them if you can guest post for them. This may allow you to become a thought leader within your industry.


Pinterest is another social media site that will help in the promotion of occupational therapy. Create an occupational therapy board and start pinning ideas, photos, and articles about occupational therapy. Re-pin other people’s posts that deal with occupational therapy. Make sure to include in the pin’s description about occupational therapy and how people can live life to the fullest.

Take Pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words. Instead of just talking about occupational therapy, show them occupational therapy. It’s easier than ever to snap a photo these days. You don’t need a $500 camera, all you need is your phone. Take pictures at your work (with the patients written consent of course) and post those pictures to Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or any other photo sharing website. Caption the photos to describe how it relates to occupational therapy. If you want to gain a broader reach with your photos, tag  Horizon Healthcare Staffing, and we will share them with our Facebook community.


As an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant, you are part of a vitally important profession that helps people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Help others realize the importance of occupational therapy through your online promotion.