Top 12 Health and Fitness Apps for your Android Phone

There are many different apps out there that promote health and fitness. Some are good and some just don’t cut it. These apps will help you get on the right track to a healthy and fit you. There are apps that help you lose weight, manage your workouts, and just learn more about health and fitness in general. All these apps are available on Google Play for either a small cost or free. Click on the pictures to download the app to your Android phone. My favorite one has to be the Zombies Run! app. This app creates a virtual zombie apocalypse and makes you run to places to help you survive. Pretty cool!

runtastic heart rate pro

Use your android smartphone to monitor your heart rate. Keep an accurate history of your heart rate to track exercise results and more. Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere – when you wake up, before and after exercise, or before a big meeting. The Runtastic Heart Rate PRO App will measure your heartbeat with great accuracy, using your smartphone camera sensor!
endomondo sports tracker pro

The User Interface is clean and the verbal cues are great. Reviewing your routes and workouts is easy and the data is rich and detailed. Endomondo is the highest rated app of its kind on Android and ideal for running, cycling, walking and any other distance-based activity.


jamies 20 minute meals

This app is great because it helps you make good food that’s good for you, quickly. Perfect for busy people of any cooking skill level. You’ll find 65 mouth-watering recipes to try, each one taking around 20 minutes. Every recipe has stunning step-by-step photography, so you really can’t go wrong!



One of the best sources of medical information available, get accurate answers to your health questions from licensed doctors.


fitness flow free

Get fit with streaming HD videos led by professionals. Choose your pace and get ready for a detailed and educational workout. Stream HD exercise videos with Fitness Flow FREE. Do a new workout every time – you’ll never get bored! Go at your own pace, learn new exercises and work out until you’ve had enough. Beat your previous exercise times and get fit fast while having fun. Fitness Flow is ideal for the on-the-go exerciser.


lose itStart off with this app by logging everything you eat for a few days to get a baseline, then adjust your calorie intake to meet your goals. Ready to get serious about weight loss? Lose It! can help you make your goal a reality.


strava run

Turn your exercise time into a social competition! Compete with friends, explore new places to go and review detailed run statistics. Record all your runs, analyze your performance and see how you stack up against friends and locals. Set new personal records and beat your friends’ times!


noom weight loss coach
Using this app will orient you toward a positive lifestyle that encourages long-term weight loss through careful planning and daily tasks. The Coach gives you daily tasks to help create positive lifestyle changes for long-term weight loss. These tasks guide you through a scientifically-backed weight loss plan that provides informational articles, fun challenges, a daily Noom score to track how you’re doing, activity reminders, plus easy and convenient food and exercise logging — the keys to successful weight loss.


fast food nutrition

Fast food is a constant temptation – stay healthy by arming yourself with knowledge and make good choices to support your health goals. Fast Food Nutrition is an easy to use tool to add and track all of your nutrition or diet information on 350 of your favorite restaurant chains.


fooducate healthy food diet

Fooducate is about eating healthier overall rather than dieting. Scanning your food in the grocery store makes healthy shopping simple. Scan and choose healthy groceries. Over 200,000 unique UPCs!


workout trainer

Free workouts from expert coaches make this an invaluable asset in your fitness arsenal. The audio, video and photo guides are very useful. Your certified trainers guide you through exercises with timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions complete with encouragement! Whether you’re doing bodyweight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, Skimble’s Workout Trainer will help you get fit with 1000’s of free workouts. You can also choose your area of focus and use it to get a six pack, lose weight, improve your running, practice yoga and more.


zombies run

Enter a zombie apocalypse in this immersive real-world running game. Varied stories, missions and goals will make working out fun again! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. They deliver the story straight to your headphones through orders and voice recordings – and when you get back home, you use the supplies you’ve collected while running to build and grow your base.



Let us know in the comments below which app you think is the best. Are there any other health and fitness apps that you use?