Top 10 Nursing Blogs 2024

It’s been a little over 7 years since we have conducted a list of the top 10 nursing blogs. Since then, the blogging world has seemed to shift more towards social media or video content. However, that doesn’t mean blogging is dead! Our list of the top 10 nursing blogs are still alive and well, being updated regularly!

Nursing blogs are one of the best ways to stay updated on industry news and trends. Additionally, they also serve as an incredible way for nurses to connect with one another, share opinions, inspire peers and deep dive into specific topics and specialties. Blogs can provide educational information which is a great way for nurses to continue growing and learning within the nursing profession.

Just like our previous top 10 nursing blogs lists, the same criteria was used to create our list for 2024. This criteria includes the blogs quality of the information provided, how often these blogs post, the user experience, and the uniqueness of the blog. Our list of nursing blogs have qualified writers with experience and education in the profession that post regularly. As much as the quality of the information provided is important, it’s almost just as important as the user navigation of the website. You can be one of the most qualified writers for a nursing blog, but if it’s a struggle to navigate the website from your homepage, that’s an issue!

With the abundance of nursing blogs out there, it is imperative for me to add diversity to our list. While doing research, I’ve noticed that many of the nursing blogs out there are more broad with what they write such as lifestyle and updates about the industry. Some of the bloggers listed below have more of a niche topic they focus on.  Now, there are many nursing blogs out there so if I missed any that you love, please write them in the comments below! The following blogs are listed in no particular order.

Top 10 Nursing Blogs 2024

The Nerdy Nurse

Being featured for the THIRD time on our Top Nursing Blogs list is The Nerdy Nurse! Known in the healthcare industry for her years of reputable blogging, her website also offers multiple communities, links to favorite products and more. Brittney Wilson is the founder and owner of The Nerdy Nurse. She is a BSN-RN, award-winning blogger, author, and community manager. She writes about many topics such as nursing issues, nursing products and services, technology, healthcare, lifestyle topics, and personal branding. Not only is she a blogger and international keynote speaker, but she is also a community strategist in both the nursing and healthcare technology communities!

Off The Charts

Off The Charts is the official blog of the American Journal of Nursing. The AJN is the oldest and most honored broad-based nursing journal in the world. The AJN Off The Charts blog has numerous writers that publish multiple times per week. They generally cover an array of topics such as nursing, public health, patient safety and care, as well as ethics.

Emerging RN Leader

The Emerging RN Leader has only one author, Rose O. Sherman, Ed.D, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN. She is nationally known for her work in helping both future and current nurse leaders develop their leadership skills. Rose has spent 25 years in leadership roles with the Department of Veterans Affairs at five VA Medical Centers. Her blog’s niche is deep diving into leaders in nursing covering topics such as career tips, conflict management, charge nurse role, and more.

Diversity Nursing Blog

This blog has multiple writers of their own staff, guests, and news outlets. As stated on the website, their goal is to “highlight the past, present and future state of nursing as well as discuss the day-to-day challenges and victories faced by the nurses of today”. Diversity Nursing Blog focuses on being a resource for diverse communities in healthcare.

The Relentless School Nurse

Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN, FNASN, FAAN, is the author of The Relentless School Nurse. Robin has been a school nurse for over 23 years in the Camden City School District in New Jersey. She is involved in many different associations and programs, even representing the National Association of School Nurses as the Director. The Relentless School Nurse posts weekly about different topics focusing on school nursing.

This blog is all about travel nursing! Although travel nursing has been around way before the pandemic, since then, the demand for travel nurses increased by 35%. This blog is a great resource for tips, updates, and job openings. has 11 contributors with the majority being travel nurses themselves. This blog is arguably one of the most user-friendly sites on this list. It’s updated, straight forward, very easy to navigate, and there’s no annoying ads! If you’re a travel nurse or considering being one, this blog is a great resource you should check out.

Nurse Buff

Nurse Buff is a humor and lifestyle nursing blog. It’s not just funny nursing memes or articles. They also dive into educational topics such as career guides, NCLEX practice questions, and nursing know-hows. Nurse Buff “is a blog where stressed out nurses can relax, connect with other nurses from around the world, and simply have a great time”. If you need more than just a coffee break to reset your mind, check out this hilarious blog post about ER encounters.

Your Nurse Attorney + Empowered Nurses

Appearing on our top 10 nursing blogs list for the second time, is Your Nurse Attorney and Empowered Nurses. The founder of both is a well-known nurse and nurse attorney, Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD. Lorie always had a passion of wanting to become a nurse. Once she entered the nursing field, she got frustrated by the limitations and switched gears to go to law school. After she obtained her J.D., she’s been representing nurses and healthcare professionals as an attorney since 1990. Not only is she an attorney, but she also owns her own law practice, writes for two blogs, and started the Empowered Nurses Organization. ENO is designed to help nurses protect their license by providing tips, resources, and strategies. Both blogs focus on education around protecting your nursing license.


FreshRN is an online platform resource for new graduates entering the nursing field. The platform was created to encourage, educate, and motivate newly licensed nurses. FreshRN was created by Kati Kleber, MSN RN. On top of her blog, she is a national speaker and hosts the FreshRN podcast. When Kati started her nursing profession, she felt ill-prepared. This is where the FreshRN blog was born. She writes about a multitude of topics from specialties in nursing, to best interview practices and advice for students. FreshRN’s mission is to “demystify the perspectives of nurses in clinical settings, your professors, and clinical instructors”.

Healthy Workforce Institute

To finish off our Top 10 Nursing Blogs of 2024, we have the Healthy Workforce Institute. Founder and CEO, Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP, created Healthy Workforce Institute after taking a leap of faith and quitting a job that she loved. With her institute, she provides strategies, skills, and solutions to address any damaging incidences and behaviors in healthcare. Renee is promoting healthy work environments by providing helpful tips to conquer bullying in the workplace and scripts to stop unacceptable behavior. Not only does she provide these educational blogs, she also has online courses designed for front line leaders and their teams to help cultivate supportive, professional, and respectful workforce culture.


This completes our list of the Top 10 Nursing Blogs for 2024! Staying up to date on trends and news is important in an industry that is always evolving. Keep these blogs in your back pocket and use the information provided to keep you one step ahead. Did I miss a great blog? Let me know in the comments section.