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Critical Care Nurse Jobs in New York

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Horizon Healthcare Staffing is searching for dedicated, motivated, and trustworthy critical care nurse to work for our clients throughout New York. These critical care nurses are Registered Nurses that have a specialty that deals with life-threatening problems. Critical care RNs are responsible for ensuring that critically ill patients and their families receive the very best care. We have critical care nurse jobs throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County), Albany, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley Region.

Critical Care Registered Nurses normally work wherever critical care is needed; intensive care units, pediatric ICUs, neonatal ICUs, cardiac care units (CCU), cardiac catheter labs, telemetry units, progressive care units, emergency departments and recovery rooms. They are usually required to work rotating shifts that include days, nights, weekends and holidays due to patients needing around the clock supervision and care. The RNs need to be experts in evaluating intensive care patients, administering are, recognizing complications and coordinating with other members of the critical care team.

Take a look at the different critical care nurse jobs listed below. We have jobs in the SICU, PICU, ICU, NICU, MICU, and CICU. If you are interested in any of these positions, and are qualified for the opening, please don’t hesitate to apply. Once you submit your application, one of our dedicated RN recruiters will contact you to see if you can be a fit for one of our clients. These job openings are ones that we normally recruit for in various locations in NY. We look forward to working with you!


Intensive Care Unit – ICU Jobs in New York

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – NICU

Medical Intensive Care Unit –MICU

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit –PICU

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit – CICU

Surgical Intensive Care Unit – SICU

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