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Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) RN Jobs in New York

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Horizon Healthcare Staffing has many Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) Registered Nurse jobs in New York. SICU RNs provide acute care to critically ill patients daily in clinical and hospital settings. SICU RNs need to be aware of any subtle changes in the patients’ conditions pre-op and post-op. The patients a SICU nurse cares for include victims of trauma, invasive surgery, accidents, and organ failure. SICU RN jobs in New York manage patients who have undergone a variety of general and specialty surgical procedures including all gastrointestinal procedures, some trauma, liver, renal and pancreas transplantation, as well as all surgical specialties other than cardiothoracic.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit RN jobs in New York require different duties and responsibilities depending on the setting. SICU RNs provide fluid and electrolyte monitoring, medication management, nutritional therapy, specialized wound care, and massive volume resuscitation. Surgical Intensive Care Unit nurses are responsible for providing care for patients before, during, and in recovery period after their surgery. SICU RNs follow the most stringent infection control policies and are equipped to provide patients with state-of-the-art therapies at the bedside, including continuous renal replacement and percutaneous insertion of tracheostomies and feeding tubes.

Most Hospitals and ICU settings require that SICU nurses hold a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Most ICU settings require that a nurse is certified in CCRN-E. This is a specialty certification for nurses who provide care to critically ill adult patients in a centralized or remotely based tele-ICU setting that is networked with the bedside via audiovisual communication and computer systems. This must be by the State Board of Nursing or a national certification from an agency such as the National Certification Corporation. A minimum number of years of clinical experience in a hospital setting may also be required in order to work in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

The types of a shifts a SICU nurse works vary depending on the setting. Most SICU RNs shifts are twelve hours longs, although some may work eight hours shifts. They may also be required to work days, evenings, and nights or all three. Working as a SICU nurse may also require working on weekends and holidays. The setting may be open twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week.

Horizon Healthcare Staffing provides positions in the five boroughs of New York and Long Island. Below is a list of the general locations that we offer job opportunities to SICU Nurses. If you are interested in working in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, or upstate New York, please apply.One of our recruiters will then contact you to see if you are a fit for any of our current open positions.



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