New Graduate Nurse Advice

new graduate nurse adviceEveryday new graduate nurses call and ask us to help them. “How am I ever going to have a chance unless someone gives me a job?” Is what I hear during each call, during each interview, every day!   What can one say to that? These nurses are truly on the verge of tears!

The best advice I provide to new nurse graduates is that they need to gain some experience… perhaps volunteering before they come to any agency .  BUT…… I met such a great candidate. In my eyes…. A superstar! A true GEM!


Here is a true story…

Mr. D. had emailed his résumé and was scheduled to come to our offices.  Mr. D. came into our office professionally dressed, was respectful and extremely humble.  Immediately he filled out his application, provided all the original credentials for our review and took the appropriate nursing exams.  While interviewing Mr. D., I noted that he was a kind man and very motivated and extremely eager to assist in any opportunity that he could.  Once Mr. D. mentioned to me that he is willing to go anywhere, any day and at anytime, I immediately knew that I was on a mission to assist him.  Mr. D. had worked with a DME equipment company in the past and covered the entire tri-state area.  He repeated that he is used to going anywhere and at anytime.  He just wants a chance.

There was no hesitation on my part that Mr. D. would be the best fit for our citywide Hepatitis B program and similar roles.  I do also know that as opportunities arise I will aggressively attempt to place Mr. D. at my clients as this type of dedicated individual is hard to find.

Words of advice: If you are a new graduate nurse…. Remember this information and philosophies of Mr. D.  It is a win-win approach to successful career advancement.

As I conclude writing this blog.  Mr. D. has sent us a magnificent note thanking us for our time.  In return, I owe him a great big thank you for truly being a model candidate and he will be a wonderful addition to our staff.

I love my job!