Modern Improvements to the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has been late to the party when it comes to technological advancements. The healthcare industry has used physically written prescriptions you can barely read and manually entering patient information on a chart for years. Fortunately for the healthcare industry and the well-being of patient’s health, healthcare information systems are due for an upgrade. According to an article by Fresnobee, there will be positive changes that are driven by the trends of digital technology in healthcare, the growing use of accountable care organizations (ACOs) responsible for patient care, and care provided using teams. These types of improvements are moving the healthcare industry in the right direction.


modern improvements in healthcare


The Right Direction

Heading in the right direction for healthcare would add anything that would improve the well-being of patients and their records. Computer Information Systems improve the overall accuracy, access, and the collection of records. These systems improve all operations involved with day to day business of every industry. The healthcare industry will now use advanced information systems so that RNs and Doctors can always have access to update patient records. The access to the records at the right time makes certain that patients receive the right care at the right time by physicians. This will drive costs down and will increase the quality of care.


Effect of Information Systems on Patient Care

The tools that doctors and nurses use have a direct influence on the quality of care provided to patients. Patients expect the best from their care facility and having their medical history checked and organized by a computer information system will exceed that standard. The standard is that patients want to get the best possible care they can have. Doctors can access patient records meanwhile traveling throughout the facility and on their way to visit patients. Patients do not have to wait longer for their physician to pick up their chart and help them.


Working as a Team

Physicians can now share information with a team rather than reviewing patient records on their own. The shared information is secure and private so that only healthcare professionals with the right access can view their medical records. Having the extra security while sharing the information greatly improves the type of care the patient receives. If a single physician only reviews a patient, they may be given a treatment that may be harmful to the patient. Teams reduce the possibility of over-site that would not happen otherwise.


Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable care organizations are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who come together voluntarily to give coordinated high-quality care to their Medicare patients. Patients that are handled in this manner tend to have better primary care than most. This has to do with the team of doctors handling the patient, the records of information being kept, and the constant communication between the physicians. The future of healthcare is combining resources from the digital age and using them to save lives.


Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare is looking bright. Even so, we must continue to use technologies for the betterment of our communities and families.


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