Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

While most jobs lack the special perks afforded to healthcare professionals, one highly coveted advantage is per diem work. As a critical component of the healthcare team, per diem nurses bring flexibility and choice to their schedules and workplaces. The ability to work as-needed gives per diem nurses the best of both worlds – professional fulfillment and personal life balance. Healthcare employers rely on this contingent talent to fill gaps and meet ever-changing patient volumes, especially now, when nurses are in such high demand. For those drawn to the field but desire flexibility, a per diem career option offers unmatched lifestyle benefits.

What Is Per Diem Nursing?

The term per diem comes from a Latin phrase that means “per day” or “by the day”.  These positions can vary from 1 day, to a few weeks, and anything in between.  Per diem nursing is a great option for those who either want to pick up extra shifts or take a break from a full-time/part-time job while still being able to make money. With the increasing need for healthcare workers, per diem jobs are becoming more available. You can find per diem nursing jobs in multiple different facilities. The majority of these positions being offered in hospitals, nursing homes, school nursing settings, and clinics.

How Does Per Diem Nursing Work?

Becoming a per diem nurse is a fairly easy and straightforward process. The requirements to be a per diem nurse are the same as a full or part-time nurse. All you need is your nursing license! Working with a staffing agency or recruiter makes finding diverse per diem openings effortless and is often free of charge. Partnering with a recruiter expedites the job search and allows you to focus on nursing duties.

Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

Benefits of Per Diem Nursing


One of the substantial benefits of per diem nursing is the flexibility it offers. When you accept a part-time or full-time position, you are contracted to work a certain number of hours per week. With per diem jobs, you are able to pick the days are available to work without any penalties. On top of having the authority to pick and choose your hours, you also have the ability to choose the facility or work setting. Some nurses see per diem as a side hustle to their main job, others see it as a way to take a break while still being able to make money. Some even implement per diem shifts as a full-time job. With the flexibility of per diem nursing, there is no fighting for vacation time, sick days, or time off.

Enhanced Skills & Adaptability

Switching gears from full-time or part-time nursing to per diem allows you to get your foot in the door of different specialties and work environments. By switching up assignments and facilities, you encounter diverse healthcare settings and skill sets that will make you the jack of all trades. This type of position is great for those that need a change of scenery. Not only will you grow your skill set but you will also stay on top of the ever-changing healthcare industry.

This type of position isn’t just a benefit to those that want to try different specialties or those that want to switch up their routine. This can also be beneficial to those who desire to work for a specific company that doesn’t have any part-time or full-time positions to offer. Take advantage of a per diem case at the company or facility you want to work for. By taking per diem cases, you will be able to show off your skills and be a familiar face. That way, when they have a full-time or part-time opening, you can be one of their first choices.

Work-Life Balance

Earlier we talked about the flexibility of work schedules with per diem nursing. That goes hand in hand with being able to have a work life balance lifestyle. Since you aren’t committed to a company and their policies, you won’t have to miss any important events in your life. By being a per diem nurse, you have less chances of experiencing a burn out. When working those grueling 3-day, 12-hour shifts, it’s extremely easy to get burnt out. No one likes having a job where they are being physically and mentally drained to the point that you can’t enjoy your time off!


When picking up per diem nursing jobs and hopping around, you are exposed to many different healthcare professionals. This is a great way to expand your network. Creating new relationships with these contacts can possibly provide you with new job opportunities or referrals. Not only does per diem nursing jobs help you meet new people by working in various settings, but the flexibility also allows you to attend more nursing conferences. Going to nursing conferences is a excellent tool to help build your network. Building your network is immensely beneficial for your future.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of per diem nursing jobs. The flexibility per diem nursing offers is unbeatable in my opinion. Whether you are feeling burnt out or want to try out a new specialty, per diem nursing could be a great path for you! If you’re considering picking up per diem nursing, reach out to one of our recruiters to help get you started!