4 Reasons Why You Need an LPN For Your LTC Facility

Licensed Practical Nurses can play a vital role in Long Term Care Facilities. Here are 4 reasons why you need an LPN for your LTC Facility.

1. The Licensed Practical Nurse can Provide Personal Attention to Each Resident and Family at the Bedside

The needs of each resident is unique, which is why a plan of care is implemented. This will enable the Licensed Practical Nurse to look at the “whole” person and address all of their needs. In addition, they have the ability to include the family as active participants within the daily plan of care to offer the control within the facility that a resident can lose when admitted to a Long Term Care Facility.

2. Knowledgeable in Medication Passes/Treatments

Licensed Practical Nurses are skilled nursing professionals who gain solid training in clinical settings from great Vocational Programs. This fosters safe techniques for medication administration and treatments as needed for each resident. Although it seems that the volume of patients assigned are uneven at times, based on the shift and unit, the facilities frequently review acuity levels and patient needs prior to generating assignments. This can be from 20-60 residents . That assignment can vary based on the day , evening or night shift. The Licensed Practical Nurse can be assigned to Medication Administration, Treatments or both responsibilities based on the needs of the facility that day.

3. The Ability to Interface With Physicians, Administration or Leadership and Interdepartmental Needs

The talent and ability on the part of the Licensed Practical Nurse does not just stop at the unit level, they work hand and hand with administration/leadership, various departments and the physicians. This offers a team approach to caring for the residents within the Long Term Care environment.

4. More Cost Effective

By having a facility utilize the Licensed Practical Nurse discipline, it will save the facility a large amount of money for every hour someone works. Compared to a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse, can offer a significant clinically competent resource to provide a safe and professional service for the residents and family.

With the right resources in line, the facility will run like a well oiled machine

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