Top 5 Ways to be a Great Scheduler

1. Know Your Client

Congratulations! You’ve got the client you hoped to service, the meeting is going well, and the terms are set and the contract is signed.  The client requests several positions and discusses their organizational culture. This is a great day!

Remember only you and your team can make that relationship one that can turn into something unique and long lasting.  How can this happen? Listen to what the client wants and needs. Never offer something different to the client until you have provided everything they have asked for.

2. Know Your Resources

Sometimes, you will be able to immediately submit resources to the client upon returning from your meeting. An immediate effort is put forward to meet with the team to identify resources with the client needs in mind. Daily meetings with the team to ask for updates on the recruitment efforts for your client is vital, as you must call daily to update the client on your progress. Many people forget that there are thousands of firms out there.  If you don’t fill their needs, someone else will.
This always needs to be a thought in your mind, so rotate your efforts. Keep in contact with your client via phone or email. This will remind the client you are working for them. Once you have resources to share with the client, they all must have the appropriate documentation and credentials. Never send anyone to a client without the appropriate paperwork! If you show a candidate or resource that they can be submitted without completing their requirements, they will NEVER get them to you.  Frequent communication ( even daily) with your resources are needed to make sure you are filing everything the client needs. I sometimes even have the client on a brief hold while confirming a resource on the other line. This way NO time is lost and every shift is filled!

3. Establish Time to Build

Always ask your client for an orientation. Most clients do not just have you send people in.  Based on many of the new regulations at the State level, there are policies which need to be reviewed. Schedulers must put pressure on the recruiters to gather resources as soon as they learn about a class. Time is of the essence! The schedulers play a major role in a staffing company. If they do not book resources, a company WILL NOT grow!

4. Introduce the Staff to the Process

Once the relationship is established, it’s time to involve the team with the process.  Orient everyone on who their contacts are, what specific things they like, and how the client wants things to be done. This shows depth in a company and offers a solid foundation to what you are trying to build. It is important for communication to the team about the client as things change or requests are communicated.  It’s not a good feeling after making these strides to go backwards, and have to repair a relationship.  It’s hard to correct this.

5. Maintain Customer Service

Build! Build! Build! Sometimes it takes time to create something great! Offering superior customer service at all times will transition to big things in the long run. Ongoing communication to both your client and your resources will confirm that you are thinking about them. This will be a lasting thought in their minds. If they have a last minute need they will think of you first, and when the resource has a friend, they will refer them to the agency.

These techniques will take you to a different level in the staffing industry.  The scheduling role is a rather special and vital position! They are a true link to success within the company!