18 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Staffing Company in New York

questions to ask before choosing a staffing company in new york
When it comes to selecting an outside vendor, organizations should inquire about specific key features:

1. Does the vendor’s staff receive paid benefits, disability and workers’ compensation?

2. Is there a licensed professional (licensed in the profession) for which they have oversight on staff and in the office Monday through Friday, all day?

3. Are the vendor’s field staff actual employees of the vendor, i.e., paid on a W-2 and entitled to the same benefits as the in-house staff?

4. Is the vendor qualified to employ licensed professionals?

5. Does the vendor provide malpractice insurance for its employees?

6. Is there full outsourcing of leave programs including personal, medical, military, bereavement, jury duty, etc.?

7. Is medical certification and medical management initial and ongoing?

8. Is a system in place that tracks time in all increments and adjusts requested time off to the time actually taken?

9. Are leave requests coordinated with the work site ?

10. Is there the ability to arrange alternate work positions?

11. Is a thorough background check done on all employees?

12. Are credentials/certification verified?

13. Are employee files kept in accordance with JCAHO, DOH and other regulatory agencies?

14. Does the vendor seem to focus on one specialty area or can most of a client’s needs be met?

15. Does the vendor provide 24-hour coverage to meet your unexpected as well as scheduled needs?

16. Do you get a “live” person or a recording/answering service when you call on a weekend or holiday evening?

17. Does the staffing company have professional staff on board who can really understand your needs?

18. Does the staff know who you are when you call?

If the vendor you’re presently using cannot answer YES to ALL of these questions, you might want to consider returning to the drawing board to find a new choice; like Horizon Healthcare Staffing. We will gladly be your vendor of choice.