6 Tips on How to Have a Successful Interview

Written by Nancy Goldstein and Kerry McNeill

how to have a successful interviewAs seasoned recruiters, we know what it takes to have a successful interview. We know what to do and what not to do during an interview. The candidate is able to have full control over all of these tips. Don’t lose out on a job because you didn’t follow our map to success.

1. Be on time

Or better yet. If you are on time, you are already late!

Remember this is the first step in making a good impression. If someone is late for a screening and/or credentialing interview, they will be late to their job/work. Being on time will also show the company that you want the job and you are respectful. We are proud to be a staffing company and you may have visited one before, BUT  Horizon takes the interview process to a new level . So, when you come in to the office late and start complaining about the traffic, NOT a good sign. Please call if you are not able to make your appointment.

2. Dress to Impress

I am not asking you to be formal. Dress to impress is a true reflection of how you want to present yourself. If I see someone come into the office in a suit and/or business attire, that’s a great impression. Professional attire coupled with timeliness will give you two points on your side. (Not two strikes against you!)

3. Watch Your Non-Verbal Cues

One of our  biggest issues is candidates and their cell phones. You should turn off your cellular or keep it away until after the interview. We want to know that you are interested in what is being said . If you are constantly looking at your phone, it sends the wrong message. Always be polite and look us in the eye when spoken to. We are impressed with nurses who are polite, respectful, and well mannered. Use good eye contact.  Look at the interviewer when speaking with them.  Do not look around the room or at your cellular phone.  This shows that you are not interested in the opportunity and may result in not receiving the position.

With Summer approaching, we know it may be cool to wear sunglasses or shades.  Please be considerate and remove them when you come into the offices. The same goes for wearing a hat indoors.

smell nice4. Smell Leaves A Lasting Impression

Our Interview space is small and intimate, which allows for individual attention and to privately review position details. With that being said, I’m sure your perfume or cologne is lovely but DO NOT over indulge thinking that will impress us . It may only cause a MAJOR asthma or allergy attack! I recall smelling someone’s rose aroma for days!

5. Reschedule If You Are Sick

If you are sick, please call to reschedule your appointment. We do not want you to share your love with us this way!  We want to help you get a job but not this way ! Do not cough in the phone to be dramatic. Just call to reschedule your appointment in a timely manner to provide courtesy to your interviewer and his or her schedule. Call and/or email and follow up to confirm they received your message and that you are still interested in coming in to interview.

6. Never Lie To Your Interviewer Or On An Application

Lying will eventually catch up to you. Throughout credentialing and verification of documents it will eventually be exposed . FULL disclosure can help you in the long run. For example: Put the corrects dates of all of your jobs, we do look at this. Remember to fill in the application fully.  Do not leave any parts of the application empty. Remember to fill in empty gaps on your resume with what you were doing. We will assist you with formatting later, but this is important. If you had ever had legal matter, the questions on an application MUST be answered honestly. Jobs CAN be taken away later if the company finds out you withheld information. This is vital as it can follow you into the workplace; be honest!