Why You Should Become a Healthcare Professional

Written by Kerry McNeill and Nancy Goldstein

why you should become a healthcare professionalHealthcare professionals have one of the best jobs! A Healthcare job is one of the most exciting and in-demand opportunities in America today. The outlook for nursing and allied health professionals looks bright, especially for registered nurses, pharmacists, and therapists.

Our review of Career Builder’s supply and demand report shows that there are 174,000 job seekers in demand for more than 878,000 active healthcare job openings across the United States. This is only one review to what could be more opportunities than that.

For example, Nursing continues to be a one profession with a very strong demand. People are living longer, passing the existing aging population and many medical technology advancements has led to the need for more and more nurses. This will also increase in the near future.

While the need for registered nurses will continue to grow, there is also a change in the economy which requires the present nurses working NOT to leave their positions. (This will change!)

Current changes see experienced nurses staying in the workforce in lieu of retiring, which makes it harder for new/newer graduates to find work. The need for nurses in hospitals and other healthcare arenas is also shifting. This shift could be occurring for several reasons. Is it the budget? Is it insurance driven? What we do know for sure is that healthcare related roles will always be in high demand as “outpatient” or “drive thru” settings are more readily available to the aging population or community.

This shift in available healthcare will benefit the staffing industry greatly due to the increase in requests for supplemental personnel to cover long term needs, sick calls and new medical services offered in various settings. Staffing agencies are not just being requested to help in hospitals, but they are also being requested to staff Urgent Care Centers, Ambulatory Care Centers and Insurance Companies, Physician’s offices, and many other settings.

An increased need for healthcare related disciplines within these community based settings will be seen. We will start seeing nurses, therapists, and other specialists surfacing including ones without a lot of experience taking positions in these settings. In the past, many healthcare titles would have spent years in a hospital setting first.

This is why we are fortunate to be able to offer a great deal of options for healthcare professionals in all levels of their careers. We like to see the motivated and driven individual who is compliant with required credentials and is responsive to our client’s requests. These are the people we are able to assist. The new healthcare professional must be flexible and open to creative opportunities and locations. These can build on the foundation of experience and make one more marketable for further placements.

For example, a newer graduate nurse was limited in experiences and only had a few months of long term care, but we offered a community based setting within various boroughs of NYC. With a smile he graciously accepted anything and everything we offered. The next step was easy because he was accommodating and motivated. I spoke with a client about “giving him a shot.” They did! They trained him in their setting and again he built up the “necessary skills.” Finally, that hospital he was waiting for gave him an opportunity to work in a clinic and NOW they offered him a permanent position on a psychiatric floor which was his dream!  It took a little time, but so much dedication and trust on both our parts created a winning relationship!

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipating a 19.4 percent employment growth and many brand new jobs being created by 2022, there must be more of a focus on ensuring safety and quality in patient care. Looking “out of the box” with resources can aide in this success!

We are both client and resource-driven, and will shift our efforts according to the needs of the various healthcare settings and healthcare professional!

The staffing agency will be the BEST resource to offer a variety of healthcare talent to any of these settings as we can, and will be there, when they need us!