Why Healthcare Professionals Should Use Staffing Agencies

why healthcare professionals should use staffing agenciesAre you a healthcare professional seeking work in your field of expertise, but don’t know where to start? Why not use a healthcare staffing agency? Horizon Healthcare Staffing has been providing staffing services for over 20 years. We help rehab therapists, nurses, and allied health professionals find a career that is both rewarding professionally and personally. If you are a recent graduate, or someone just looking for a change of pace, our company is perfect for you. We have all sorts of assignment types in a variety of settings. Looking for a COTA job in a skilled nursing facility? Looking for an occupational therapist job in a hospital? Want to work in the pediatric sector? Our job opportunities are endless.


Will all that being said, here are the benefits of using a healthcare staffing agency.


We Do The Work For You

Why go through the trouble of searching for a job on your own? If you have all the required licenses and certifications in your field, we will find that perfect job for you. Don’t waste your time searching the internet or promoting yourself to prospective employers. We promote you. We work with you to see what you are looking for, and then place you in the perfect role that enables you to have the most success.


You Can Be Picky

We will come to you with job opportunities. If you aren’t completely sold on a position, you have the freedom to turn it down. If the schedule isn’t to your liking, we will find you something else. You have the right to be picky.


We Give You Career Advice

Our teams of professionals include a licensed occupational therapist, a licensed physical therapist, a licensed speech language pathologist, and certified nurses. We bring over 30 years of experience to help you in your career. Horizon Healthcare Staffing guides you through the interview process and sets you up for success. We don’t just send you out into the field and hope for the best. If you ever have a question about treatment or procedures, we have the answer.


As you begin your job search, be sure to take advantage of all the benefits and services that a healthcare staffing agency – like Horizon Healthcare Staffing – can offer you as a healthcare professional. If you are a therapist, nurse, or allied health professional looking for a job, submit your resume online to Horizon Healthcare Staffing.