What’s it Like to Work for a Staffing Company in New York?

staffing company in new york

Thinking about using a staffing company in New York to find work? Before you do, perform all your research about the benefits of working for staffing agencies.

Before you get started, it’s important that you have a good grasp on what it will really be like working for a healthcare staffing company. Working for a staffing agency isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill job. There are serious differences between working for a staffing company and directly for an employer, and it’s not for everyone. Here are three things you should understand before submitting your first application to a staffing agency:

Types of work available with staffing companies

All staffing jobs are not created equal. Depending on the needs of the client (your future employer), staffing agencies offer a variety of positions to best fit their needs. It’s important to know exactly what type of job you’ll have when you get your assignment.

There are three major types of staffing agency assignments:

Temporary: Temporary or contract assignments are for a fixed amount of time. You will typically know the start and end date. These will sometimes change in the middle of an assignment, so if you’re looking for a steady routine, this probably isn’t the kind of job for you.

Temporary-to-permanent (temp-to-perm): Many staffing positions have the potential to be temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire whether they are advertised as such or not. This is a trial position to gauge your ability to work for the company on a regular full-time basis.

Permanent (direct hire): For permanent positions the staffing agency acts as a recruiting firm to screen and hire candidates for regular positions, then employees are hired directly by the employer.

Pros of working for a staffing company

Depending on what kind of job you get through a staffing agency, the benefits will vary. In some cases pay for staffing agency personnel can be higher than their permanent counterparts. As with most cases, more experience will bring more money. In addition to pay, many staffing agencies offer health, dental, life and vision insurance, and anytime you’re brought on with the company you work with for a full-time permanent position, you’ll be eligible for the benefits they offer their other employees. Generally there is a waiting period so please inquire. You do not want to get caught without the benefits you may need or want.

There are more than just compensation benefits for staffing agency jobs. Working for a staffing agency can help you build valuable business contacts, gain work experience and help you avoid gaps in your work history.

Cons of working for a staffing company

staffing agency nyWorking for a staffing agency isn’t for everyone. To succeed with a staffing agency you’ll need to be reliable and punctual to build up your reputation. Staffing jobs also require you to be able to learn new tasks and policies quickly, and flexibility in your work location and assignments is essential.

If you are a new graduate, I do not recommend you trying to get into a staffing agency. Many agencies do not offer you the training you would need to build your skills.

However, sometimes there are special programs which can benefit the new graduate like clinics or campaigns. One program is a Hepatitis Vaccine Campaign. This is a basic program which new grads can do.

Horizon offers this program to several clients and would consider utilizing new graduates. I hand select new nurses personally !

What do I look for ?

Great references
Follow up
The best nurses out there !

If you have what it takes to be the best call us 516-326-2020. Ext 1414. Ask for John.
He works with me in the HOS department and brings me the best nurses !

What happens next ???

If you have what it takes we then work very hard to find you various positions to build your skills

Remember Never to turn down work that you can learn from whatever the challenge is.

Remember to be the best everyday of your career

Good luck.