What Makes The Best Nursing Job Candidate?

best nursing job candidate

In a competitive job marketplace, it is important to have an edge up on the other candidates. Whether you are a nurse with a ton of experience or a new graduate looking for an entry-level job, you still have to market yourself the right way. Here are four steps to get an edge.

Make Sure Your Cover Letter, Application, And Resume is Specific to the Position You Are Applying For.

You want to make the best impression on a potential employer. Put all the necessary items in your nursing resume that highlight your experience, but make sure you are specific. For instance, if you are applying for a nursing position in geriatrics, play up your related experience and qualifications.

Create And Maintain Networking Connections.

Creating a business card and handing it out to potential employers always helps. Always keep in touch with your connections and let them know what you are doing because there is always the chance that they will let you know about an opportunity. If you are planning on applying for a posted position, call the HR person and introduce yourself and give a quick pitch. Finally, sending a thank you note after you submit your application will help them remember you even if you don’t get the job at that moment.

Always Expand Your Skills And Keep Up With The Latest Healthcare Trends.

Even though you might be certified in a certain position, it is important to continue your education because some skills may be no longer needed or out of date. For example, the number of surgical cases is shifting from acute care hospitals to ambulatory care settings. Acute care nurses who have never worked in an ambulatory setting may be at a disadvantage over nurses with broader backgrounds and experiences.

Master The Interview Process!

You may have a great application, but ultimately your nursing interview is the best marketing tool. Some of the areas that employers look for include teamwork, communication, initiative, and integrity and ethics. Give examples from a variety of settings, including both your academic and clinical experience. It has been said that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Therefore, employers utilize this type of questioning to identify candidates who have competencies in the areas that will make them successful new hires. If you are prepared, the questions won’t be tough. Make sure you practice answering questions on your past nursing experiences, and detailed examples of your accomplishments.