Top 5 Ways Horizon Healthcare Staffing Can Help New OT and OTA Grads

new 2013 ot and ota gradsHorizon Healthcare Staffing would like to congratulate all the 2013 graduates of occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant programs. This is an exciting time for new OT and  OTA grads. You’ll be embarking on a new chapter in your life, changing patient’s lives for the better; and your own. All your hard work is about to pay off. Now you just need to find an occupational therapy job or occupational therapy assistant job. This is where our company comes into play.

Below I have listed the top 5 ways Horizon Healthcare Staffing can help new OT and OTA grads.


We have an extensive network of occupational therapists that work in New York and an extensive network of occupational therapy assistants that work in New York. We have staff at skilled nursing facilities throughout Suffolk County, Nassau County, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. We also have a network of OTs and OTAs in schools throughout NYC. Coming right out of school, you may not know many people, especially if you decide to work in a different area than where you attended school. When therapists are working for Horizon Healthcare Staffing, you’ll know, and you’ll be able to network with them.


Choose Where You Work

Horizon Healthcare Staffing offers a variety of work settings for new occupational therapy grads and occupational therapy assistant grads. Do you want a job in a NYC school district? We have that. Do you want to work in geriatrics at a skilled nursing facility? We have that. Do you want home care? Yup, we have that. If you want a job in a particular setting in New York, we are here to market you and get you your dream job. All you have to do is sign up with our agency.


Competitive Pay

Here at Horizon Healthcare Staffing, we offer very competitive rates. Pay will vary based on your experience and setting, but we offer new 2013 graduates very competitive rates.



One of the benefits of working for a healthcare staffing agency is the flexibility we offer. If you want a full time position, we can offer you those. If you are looking to just work the weekends or a couple of days here and there, we can offer you per diem positions. Working for us gives you the flexibility you want. We do ask that if you take an assignment that you fulfill your assignment until it is over. Flexibility should not be confused with commitment.


We Have Knowledgeable Recruiters And Staffing Coordinators

If you ever have a question about what comes next as a new grad, we will have the answer. Did you know that upon completing your degree, you will have to take and pass the NBCOT exam? We can give you resources to help you study and point you in the right direction. Want to know the steps to getting your New York occupational therapy license or New York COTA license? Our staff outlines exactly what you need to do. Want to know the types of facilities you can work in, or which ones afford you the best opportunity to succeed within your profession? Our staffing coordinators place you in the perfect setting that fits all your qualification and desires.

Please search our list of occupational therapy jobs in NY and COTA jobs in New York for opportunities. If you don’t see a position to your liking, don’t hesitate to call us or submit your resume. We have opportunities that aren’t always listed on our website. Let us market you! Congratulations to all the 2013 OT and OTA grads; let’s embark on your next journey together!