The Top Student Rated Occupational Therapy Graduate Programs

top occupational therapy grad programsA master’s degree in Occupational Therapy will help prepare grads for a career in one of the fastest growing fields in health care today. Occupational therapists work in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers and more.

To help prospective Occupational Therapy grad students better evaluate their options for continuing education, compiled and analyzed over 40,000 ratings posted on the site by students attending more than 1,200 different graduate programs nationwide. The different occupational therapy grad program areas judged included career support, education quality, financial aid, and quality of network. The rankings are based on the student rating and reviews posted on using a 10 start system ( 1 being the worst and 10 being the best).


Top Occupational Therapy Grad Programs for Career Support:
1    Utica College
2    Boston University
3    Colorado State University
4    The University of Alabama at Birmingham
5    University of Indianapolis
6    The Ohio State University
7    University of Southern California (USC)
8    Pacific University Oregon
9    Florida International University
10    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Top Occupational Therapy Grad Programs for Education Quality:
1    Colorado State University
2    The Ohio State University
3    Thomas Jefferson University
4    Boston University
5    Pacific University Oregon
6    The University of Alabama at Birmingham
7    University of Indianapolis
8    University of Southern California (USC)
9    University of Utah
10    Tufts University

Top Occupational Therapy Grad Programs for Financial Aid:
1    Washington University in St. Louis
2    University of Indianapolis
3    Colorado State University
4    Rush University
5    Brenau University
6    Florida International University
7    Pacific University Oregon
8    Thomas Jefferson University
9    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
10    Boston University

Top Occupational Therapy Grad Programs for Quality of Network:
1    University of Southern California (USC)
2    California State University, Dominguez Hills
3    Washington University in St. Louis
4    Colorado State University
5    University of Florida
6    University of Indianapolis
7    The Ohio State University
8    Pacific University Oregon
9    The University of Alabama at Birmingham
10    Boston University


Methodology Behind the Ratings: reaches current and recent graduate students through scholarship entries as well as social media platforms. These program rankings cover a period from September 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013. assigns 15 ranking categories to each graduate program at each graduate school. Rankings cover a variety of student topics, such as academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid, and quality of network.

For a given graduate program, rankings are determined by calculating the average score for each program based on the 15 ranking categories. These scores are then compared across all ranked schools for that program and are translated into a final ranking for that graduate program, i.e., business and management. A given graduate program is not ranked until a minimum threshold of graduate student surveys is completed for that graduate program.