How Should Healthcare Professionals Travel in Bad Weather?

how healthcare professionals travel in bad weatherEvery healthcare professional either gets stuck traveling to work or home from work in bad weather. Whether it is raining, icy, snowing; any weather condition you need to make sure you follow some helpful tips to ensure your safe arrival.

The Challenge

Having your schedule set and confirmed at a nursing home, hospital, surgical center etc.  The patients are relying on you to arrive and assist them, unless you personally get a call that your shift is cancelled. You need to make every effort to plan your time wisely to arrive into work and arrive home from the end of your shift.

Tips on how to deal with traveling in bad weather:

Heading to your shift: plan to leave your house early. Listen to the news for any travel updates or weather updates. Know your direct route to your schedule shift. Call your place of employment if you feel you would be running late. Keeping in communication is a major key to a successful Healthcare career.

Leaving after your shift: take your time to arrive home. Listen to news and get your traffic and/or weather updates. Notify a friend or co-worker that you made it home safely.


As a healthcare worker you have a responsibility to make every effort to get to your scheduled day of work. Please make sure you communicate with your place of employment, take your time when traveling, and plan out your route.