Facebook for Healthcare Professionals

facebook for healthcare professionalsFacebook is a great way to connect, share, and engage with other healthcare professionals around the world. Facebook allows you to communicate with people that you would never come across in person. The social network giant touts over 1 billion users, crushing the competition in terms of numbers. I remember when Facebook first came out. People were only allowed to have FB if they had a college email and if they were 18. It was only open to a few select schools, and eventually made it’s way to my school. This was back in 2005, my freshmen year of college. I was hesitant at first to try this new network out, but I eventually succumbed to peer pressure and curiosity. This was when nobody knew what social media was. This was when nobody had smartphones. This was when social media marketing did not exist. This was when…well you get the idea.

Now you only have to be 13 years of age to sign up. It is open to EVERYONE. In today’s world, if you aren’t on Facebook, you could be missing great opportunities, not only personal opportunities but professional ones. Connecting with a company’s Facebook page can net you a job, can get you noticed, and can give you insights to what the company is all about. If you are in the healthcare industry, you especially need to keep your Facebook image professional looking. Here are some tips on how healthcare professionals can keep their Facebook account professional.


Choose a good profile picture. We’ve all seen the profile pictures of friends chugging a beer or being wild and crazy. DON’T be your friends. If you want to be taken seriously, have a professional looking profile picture. It’s best to keep it neutral looking as to not sour your image with your boss, your neighbors, or even your children. Make sure your picture says what you want it to say about you. A picture speaks a thousand words and your profile picture is public. No matter what your privacy settings, everyone can view your profile picture. Employers are continually looking at Facebook to screen their potential candidates. Don’t lose out on a perfect opportunity before you even have a chance.


Don’t post updates badmouthing your co workers or your boss. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I know, I know. We’ve all heard that saying before, but it couldn’t be more true on Facebook. Even if your boss is a terrible person and consistently makes you have the most rotten, no good, terrible day, don’t badmouth him or her. Along with your boss, don’t badmouth your co-workers. These people can hold your professional fate if you decide to get dirty on Facebook. Don’t put yourself in that position. Just vent to your friends or family…IN PERSON.


Post Cheerful Updates. Facebook easily can be turned into a platform to complain. You want sympathy when you’re having a bad day or when stuff doesn’t go your way. Most likely, your Facebook friends aren’t the people you would turn to when the going gets tough. Consistently whining and complaining gives you less professional credibility. Try and keep your posts happy and cheerful. It doesn’t always have to be flowers and sunshine, but don’t make a habit of posting dreary stuff.


Choose your comments wisely. Did you know that when you comment on a friend’s wall post or picture, your friend’s friends can see them. Commenting is not a bubble between you and your friend, it opens you up to a whole new degree of connections. Commenting in a negative manner about the way someone looks or what they’ve said can have an impact on your future jobs in healthcare. You don’t want a potential employer saying, ” Oh, I remember you…you made that comment about…”Keep your comments clean.


Facebook is a powerful tool, not only for your personal life, but your professional life as well. Tread carefully my “friends”!