Being a School Nurse in New York

being a school nurse in new yorkSchool nurses are key to children’s health and success while at school.  Sadly all too often, school nurses go unrecognized. School nurses provide care to individual students and teachers every day. 40% of school-age children will miss three or more days of schools per year due to illness. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma are becoming more and more common.  Sadly children who suffer from unmanaged conditions are more likely to fall behind in class.  School nurses help address these conditions and provide critical health services to students on an individual basis.

Here’s an Example:

When a student falls at the playground, or suffers an asthma attack, it is the school nurses responsibility to get the child back to class or contact the parent or guardian.

In many cases, health concerns can get in the way of learning and achievement and can sometimes affect the students self esteem. Students with asthma are forced to leave class when it becomes difficult for them to breathe.  The school nurse is there to administer immediate care and get the child back to class. If there was no school nurse, the students may have to miss school.

School nurses work with teachers and school leaders to make changes that affect all students’ health. For example, school nurses work to promote healthy food and fitness programs in schools and to promote hand washing and better hygiene to prevent the spread of disease. In many cases school health is often the only health care students receive.


Our nation’s health policy is too focused on prevention and community care. That means, promoting health and offering medical services.  Focus should not only be on the hospitals and doctors offices, but also in the settings where our children spend their days.  Catching health issues early and not just when a problem has developed is essential to better health. School nurses play a central role in bringing community care to students at school.