8 Resume Writing Tips From a New Jersey Recruiter

There are so many websites, blogs, companies and other sources that will tell you how to write your resume. Anyone can put your information down on paper and write your information out.  You must remember that when you are looking for a position. When you’re sitting at your computer and are ready to put down your past and present work professional experiences; this can be very challenging especially if this is your first time writing your resume.  Some of my own resume tips I would suggest are below.

  1. Not to have too much personnel information listed on it.
  2. You want to be accurate with you work professional dates as to when you worked at a certain place and if you are still currently present.
  3. Must have some contact information. You may be the one they want to call or email and if you do not supply this information it just might cost you an interview.
  4. Not too long: You do not want to be writing out a book. Some people can have lengthy resumes.  Employers generally scanned the front profile of your resume. You want to draw people in so they can review the rest of your resume.
  5. When you are applying for a certain position, make sure your background does fit this position. You never want to lie on a resume.
  6. Do not send over on a colored paper or fancy resume.
  7. Make sure you edit and proofread your resume. More than once you never know if you make a mistake.
  8. It is always good to list your references on the bottom of your résumé.

In the end, these are just a few personal opinions about writing a resume. You just want to make sure you are honest, accurate, and not to keep it too long. This is not a story about your life but brief points about your professional accomplishments.