6 Resume Errors You Must Avoid

6 resume errors you must avoic

Inaccurate Contact Information

Many times I cannot reach someone based on a number being wrong on a résumé or an email being incorrect. Please also include your address. It’s important to know your geographic area as many clients request a distance from their location and we need to disclose this (Many clients offer travel contracts too so the distance to their locations will be tracked as well) we also can easily advise the distance to our offices and/or file your summary accordingly by Borough and Region. We recruit based on territory quite frequently. YOU WILL miss out on new opportunities if WE don’t know where you live!

Spelling Errors

You never want to submit a resume with spelling mistakes. This can be a true indication that you are not able to communicate effectively or may not be detail oriented. Read and reread your resume for any potential mistakes then share with a friend to reread again! If you are paying to get your résumé completed, don’t pay for it if there are mistakes! It’s your résumé YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what is in there!


Never abbreviate on a résumé. One person’s abbreviation or acronym may not be of understanding to a major corporation/another person . I recommend spelling all words correctly. Look the word up if you are not the best speller! You do not want to lose a job opportunity based on this. I have several clients that throw the résumé right out if this is the case!

Posting Inaccurate Information

You should believe in the saying “never sell yourself short”, but you should also never mislead anyone on your résumé. It should tell a story. I read your résumé and put the chapters together. If something does not make sense, I will ask if there is a long and winded story behind each event. This can be an issue in being considered for the position

Posting Only the Years of Employment

Always put the months and the years for each position and the education. This way it is more detailed and leaves the conversation to: Why do you think you are the BEST candidate for the job? Instead of: Why are your dates not making sense? I feel that you should come to us as you are interviewing for a job NOT a casual interlude.

Posting a Degree You Did NOT Achieve

NEVER put down a degree if you have not obtained it.  Another responsibility of ours is to verify your education. If you are not honest this will put your job at risk. If you are currently enrolled, you can state that or if you have an expected graduation, you can state that, BUT never write a Masters or a Bachelors unless you have already earned that and it is achieved.

Use these helpful hints to present a professional résumé.  Let us focus on YOU being the best fit for a job, instead of addressing the need to correct your résumé!