10 Reasons Why Dating a Nurse is Like Winning the Lottery

Are you dating a nurse? If you are, you’ve hit the lotto. Top Nursing Programs has created an infographic outlining the top 10 reasons why dating a nurse is like winning the lottery. Check it out and comment with extra reasons that aren’t in the top 10.

why dating a nurse is like winning the lotto



1. Enjoy Their Time Off

Nurses spend most of the day on their feet and socializing. This often means that they usually enjoy their tome off, especially with you.

2. Happier at Work = Happier at Home

Nurses choose this career because they want to and in turn, they love their job. Happiness at works leads to happiness at home.

3. Doesn’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When your job is to literally deal with life and death situations, you tend to not sweat the small stuff. It’s great to have a partner who wont fall apart easily.

4. Good Temperament

Nurses are taught to be patient, not to leap to conclusions, or to act recklessly as they’re dealing with other peoples’ lives. The same mentality applies to life at home and how they handle situation.

5. Naturally Caring

Nurses want to help people and are genuinely care people. This means they are naturally caring and good-hearted.

6. Job Security

Rarely do you hear the words “Nurse and laid off” in on sentence. With a nurse as your partner, you can be confident about your financial future with the stability of their job.

7. You Have a Live-In Nurse

Having a nurse for a partner has its health benefits. They can quickly give you the medical information needed for any emergency illness or injury.

8. Healthy Lifestyle, Stay in Better Shape

Nurses are active all day; they also tend to exercise more. They live a healthy lifestyle which is beneficial in keeping the flame going in a relationship.

9. Job Portability

Nurses are able to be a nurse anywhere, and they are needed everywhere. With this type of job, you and your nurse are free to move to another state. (Like New York – where we are always looking for qualified nurses).

10. Local Connections

Nurses tend to learn a lot about everyone in the area, and what’s happening in town. It’s nice to have a partner who will keep you in the loop!


Source: Top Nursing Programs