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Visiting Nurse Home Care in New York

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  • Visiting Nurse – When skilled nursing care is required Homecare Therapies can provide you with a visiting nurse. So what determines whether you need a visiting nurse, aide or therapist? A visiting nurse can administer medications and treatments to the patient and make sure that future medications are understood and ready for the patient to take in the future. A visiting nurse can perform immunization services like giving a patient the annual flu shot. Other types of injections can also be performed by the visiting nurse like fertility shots. And a visiting nurse can be assigned when the patient needs full time care following a serious injury or operation.

As a visiting nurse, you will be required to:

  1. Assess patient’s families and/or caregivers’ ability to manage patient care
  2. Assess the patient’s physical and functional needs upon admission related to the terminal diagnosis
  3. Consult with and educate the patient and family regarding the disease process, self-care techniques, prevention strategies, end of life care, and process to deal with issues of ethical concern
  4. Initiate appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures
  5. Provide specialized hospice training to other staff and family members, informal caregivers to ensure adequate care
  6. Communicate information
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