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Ultrasound Technician Job in New York

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If you are looking for an ultrasound tech job in New York, please apply online. One of our recruiters will contact you with any available open positions throughout New York. Below is an example of some of the job duties of an ultrasound tech.


Ultrasound Technician Job Description / Duties:

  • Produces two-dimensional ultrasonic recordings of internal organs, using ultrasound equipment, for use by physician in diagnosis of disease and study of malfunction of organs: Selects equipment for use in ultrasound setup according to specifications of examination.
  • Explains process to patient, and instructs and assists patient in assuming physical position for examination.
  • Selects transducer and adjusts equipment controls according to organ to be examined, depth of field, and other specifications of test.
  • Keys test data and patient information into computer of ultrasound equipment to maintain record of test results.
  • Moves transducer, by hand, over specified area of body and observes sound wave display screen to monitor quality of ultrasonic pattern produced.
  • Starts equipment which produces images of internal organs and records diagnostic data on magnetic tape, computer disk, strip printout, or film.
  • Photographs images of organs shown on display module, or removes strip printout from equipment, to obtain permanent record of internal examination.
  • Discusses test results with supervisor or attending physician.


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