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Radiation Therapist Job in New York

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Radiation therapist Job Description:

Radiation therapists work with special equipment that is used to treat cancer patients. Typically, they will use a machine called a linear accelerator, which directs x-rays at specific cancer cells with the goal of shrinking or eliminating them. Radiation therapist is one occupation among many on medical teams that work with cancer patients, a group that will also include physicians, nurses, physicists and dosimetrists.


Radiation Therapist Job Duties:

  • Maintaining medical equipment, including linear accelerators, used in the course of performing their duties.
  • Working with patients before, during and after treatments, explaining the procedure and monitoring the patient for reactions to the treatment.
  • Following safety procedures while using medical equipment to ensure that the proper dose of radiation is being applied to the correct part of the patient’s body and  that neither the patient nor the radiation therapist are exposed to excessive radiation.
  • Using X-ray machinery to determine exactly what part of the patient’s body requires treatment.
  • Keeping detailed records of treatments for specific patients.



  • Associate’s degree in radiation therapy or bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy.
  • Certification from ARRT
  • NYS License


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