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Patient Care Technician Job in New Jersey

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Patient Care Technician Job Description:

Supports the professional clinical staff by providing direct patient care and performing studies and tests as assigned by the physician or RN. These duties may vary by shift or may be unit-specific. The technician is responsible for providing care for patients of diverse ages.


Patient Care Technician Job Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Performs or assists patients with personal hygiene such as bathing, showering, perineal care, oral hygiene, back rubs, nail care, shaving, hair care, dressing/undressing, makes occupied/unoccupied beds, feeding, sensory devices (i.e., hearing aides)
  • Assists patient with elimination needs: bedpans, urinal. Empties urinary catheter bags. Performs catheter care. Empties colostomy bags. Changes ostomy bags. Observes and maintains urinary drainage systems
  • Transfers or assists with patient to/from bed, wheelchair using correct equipment. Transports patients and belongings
  • Assists patient with ambulation
  • Assists patient with active or performs passive range of motion exercises
  • Calculates and records intake and output (excluding IVs)
  • Answers patient call lights and responds appropriately
  • Collects and labels urine specimens
  • Performs special procedures including positioning and maintaining patient in correct and safe alignment; measuring and recording temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure; measuring and recording height and weight
  • Measures and applies PAS stockings. Applies anti-embolism elastic stockings and elbow protectors
  • Performs post-mortem care
  • Performs or assists with CPR
  • Performs bedside blood glucose testing
  • Sets up and assists with simple wound dressing changes
  • Sets up equipment and supplies for sterile/non-sterile procedures
  • Performs pre-procedure scrub prep and shave
  • Empties and maintains drainage devices
  • Assists with room preparation for anticipated admissions and transfers
  • Communicates changes/information regarding patient’s physical/mental conditions to RN
  • Participates in departmental performance improvement activities
  • Utilizes hospital information system to process orders
  • Utilizes proper restraint management


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