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Dialysis Technician Job In New Jersey

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Dialysis Technician Job Description:

Functions under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse to assist in providing care and implementing delegated activities of hemodialysis treatment and related renal care to patients. The Dialysis Technician reports directly to the nurse in charge. The Dialysis Technician has direct responsibility to ensure that all tasks delegated are performed in accordance with IDS policies and procedures as well as state and federal regulations.


 Dialysis Technician Job Duties and Responsibilities:

The statements below describe the general nature and level of work being performed in this role. They are not intended to be a complete list of all duties, and additional responsibilities may be delegated as required.

  1. Sets up hemodialysis equipment and initiate, monitor and discontinue dialysis treatments according to standards.
  2. Priming of dialyzers including all safety checks related to the reuse of dialyzers.
  3. Performs and records physical measurements including weight and vital signs pre and post treatment. Questions patients regarding their general health and response to previous dialysis treatment. Observation of fistula or graft for bruit and thrill. Notify RN if redness or swelling is noted.
  4. Administers Xylocaine or Lidocaine 1%, Heparin and normal saline PRN as ordered following facility’s policies and procedures.
  5. Monitors patients throughout their hemodialysis treatment including vital signs, machines checks, emergency intervention and tends to miscellaneous patient needs.
  6. Charting of treatment information, routine tests, etc. per procedure neatly and legibly.
  7. Cleaning of dialysis machines, patient chairs and other ancillary equipment as needed.
  8. Restocking of supplies, set-up, etc. as needed.
  9. Performance of lab assignments, including the preparation and labeling of blood and other specimens, hematocrits, chemstrips, etc. per procedure.
  10. Preparation of bicarb and acid concentrate. Pass bicarb and acid jugs after transfer into containers.
  11. Responsibility for notifying the Charge Nurse of any aspect of a patient’s condition which warrants further attention, whether it is medical, psychosocial, dietary, etc.
  12. Performance of any ancillary duties, which contributes to the smooth operation of the facility, provided the duties are within his/her ability to perform.
  13. Transfers/transports of patients within the facility with sufficient help from other staff.


 Dialysis Technician Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Certified as a hemodialysis technician by a nationally recognized organization and state. Some states may require state certification in additional to certification.
  • Successful completion of the Color Blind Test per state requirement
  • Current CPR certification


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