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School Health Assistant Job in Suffolk County

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Job Description:

Horizon Healthcare Staffing is searching for a qualified school health aide / assistant for a Suffolk County, NY school district. The school health aide / assistant will work under the supervision of the school nurse (RN) and school administrators. The school health assistant / CNA will be responsible for providing school health services to students. The school health assistant will work in a collaborative relationship with the head school nurse.


Job Details:

Venue: Suffolk County School District

Schedule: School days (Monday – Friday), 8am-3pm (7 hours a day)

Type: 1 to 1 case

Nurse Specialty: Certified Nursing Assistant / CNA

Start Date: Immediate


Job Duties:

  • Provide first aide and emergency care to students, following regulations and procedures set forth by the school district and health system.
  • Implement New York State mandated screening programs
  • Implement regulations, policies and procedures to control disease within the school setting.
  • Observe students to determine their health.
  • Maintain accurate, confidential, and appropriate records
  • Aide in the administering of medication to students
  • Communicate necessary medical information in a timely manner to the appropriate school personnel and family members.
  • Assist in maintaining a safe school environment.
  • Maintain a clean health site.



  • High school diploma / GED

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