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Why I Chose to Work as a Healthcare Professional

why i chose to work as a healthcare professionalMany people choose to work in the healthcare field for various reasons. They may work in Healthcare because they need the money, or because they just like the atmosphere of the medical field. Many people, like me, may feel as though the healthcare field is where they were meant to be working.

I started out always wanting to be a hospice nurse. Once I decided that career path was not for me, I started working as a staffing coordinator in a LTC facility. From there, I went on the recruiting world. I’ve been working in the recruiting world since 2000. Recruiting has allowed me to express my passion for working. I enjoy getting to know people, and trying to help them find a better job. The happiness of putting people to work makes me eager come into office every day to see who else I can have a positive effect on.

You can only hope that in today’s world nurses, physicians, and every other medical profession feels the same way. Patients are very perceptive, and usually know if you are enjoying what you do in life. You should be able to walk into your healthcare provider or office and know that everyone in the office, from the person behind the desk to the doctor, makes you feel welcomed.

Today, healthcare professionals have many options when it comes to work. They can work in the clinical field, non-clinical field, or any of the allied health professions. There are so many different ways you can learn about the healthcare field and find out what would be the best avenue to take. We as recruiters can help you make the best decision for your career. We not only supply you with job openings, we also help coach you through interviews and career decisions. We have an extensive knowledge of all healthcare professions.

In the end, no matter which field you choose you need to make sure you gather as much information to have the knowledge for your future. When you work somewhere that makes you happy and you feel rewarded then you know you will have a long lasting career.

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