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Why Every Day Should Be Monday

why every day should be monday

Each day when you get prepared to go to work, do you think about what you plan to do when you get there?  Do you say. OMG I have to stop on the way to pick up coffee, breakfast, do an ATM run? Or do you think what is on your desk? Who you have to call first ? What your day will be like?

This thought process of being focused and motivated to start you day will make or break your success!

Each day when I get to work I greet everyone with“Happy Monday”! Why would I do this? I recall a movie that I saw many years ago that everyday is Monday! Each day is a start, a beginning, to make things right again!  I also read something on the internet recently that peaked my interest!  You don’t need a new year to make changes…all you need is a Monday!  So this Monday approach to our daily living can build that drive and energy everyday with what we do!

This is a great energy , a great focus for the staffing industry.  We need to always be on our toes, always!  Always be ready to take that next call, may it be from a candidate or a client.  They are expecting the BEST service and quality every moment of their call or interaction with Horizon!

We are excited to take your call, Answer your questions and assist you with your search!

Call us today or tomorrow.  We look forward to assisting you!


Happy Monday!!!!

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