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Why a Recruiter’s Job is so Rewarding

why a recruiter's job is so rewardingWhen I signed on to become a recruiter I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did not think I would get such positive feedback and build such great rapport/relationships with candidates who then eventually became employees. I remember after graduating college how hard it was to find my dream job, and how happy I was once I did. I became a recruiter because I wanted to give the reward of work to people. To give that feeling to someone else is indescribable.

As a recruiter, I am responsible for various healthcare positions and I receive hundreds of resumes a week! I call every resume I get and let the candidate know that I WILL have a position for them. Even If I don’t at the time, I still process them to prepare for the position of their dreams.

How I process candidates:

When I book the candidate to come in for an interview in the office, I give them an application to complete and collect their credentials. We then sit down and talk about what type of position would be the best fit for their schedule and experience level as part of the interview. Those who let me know they are open for any type of position, have open availability and gather their credentials in a timely fashion I can usually get placed right away!

While we are waiting for an orientation date, our candidates can expect a call from myself or another recruiter I work with several times that week to let them know we didn’t forget about them and we are still waiting for feedback. Eventually WE find a home for everyone!

When the candidate is selected and cleared to work, they go to orientation. A Horizon Staff member in my department will GREET them to confirm that they are all set at their first day at orientation.

This is a practice which NO ONE does. Everyone loves it and it gives them a sense of comfort. After orientation, our staffing coordinator will begin to work with them and we eventually move on to working with other candidates looking for placement.

We do keep in touch with those placed. That is the most rewarding part! I usually get a call from the candidate saying “Thank you so much for the job, I love it, I’m learning so many great skills, I’m going to refer a friend, etc.“

At the end of the day on my drive home I think about all the lives I touch by finding them jobs.

It’s a very unique feeling. I guess this is one reason I can safely say I love my job!


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