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The 4 Types of People That Attend Job Fairs

types of people that attend job fairs

As I stand at a vendor event in NJ. I watch people and learn a lot.  More than you can imagine! This particular event happens to be an event to network for clients. I am known to stop people as they walk by. No one can get by without having to have a conversation with me about Horizon’s services. I know the things I am going to explain may not be a surprise to all, but each event I go to shocks me more and more each time.
I would like to introduce you to the 4 types of people that attend job fairs:

1. The Frequent Flyer

We do remember who you are. Please come by the table to grab a giveaway once. Each time you come by, you should not take again. This will limit the supplies for the other participants, and this is not very fair.  Several times people say, “May I have 4?” I have to kindly say no….” Also, some people walk by with no eye contact and scoop up all the contents from the table into their bags without looking back! These are nurses that are doing this! Many other vendors around me were shocked as well. We want to talk with you about our services and what you do. Let’s work together as we can help you!

2. The Eater
Please try not to eat when you are visiting the vendor tables. It is not appropriate to talk with food in your mouth and generally, it falls out when talking. Also it is not very professional as we can either be the one helping you to get a position or finding you resources for your facility.  This is not a good image.  Also, please do not place your food or drink on the table.  You may forget it and its not part of our display. There is a time and a place for treats!

3. The Stalker
Generally we have many people frequent the display table. Sometimes people even sneak into the exhibit hall waiting before the table is even set up. These events are a forum to chat briefly and arrange a follow up time for a more detailed conversation about either a job search or business need.  Please understand that we look forward to spending time with you, but we need to share our time with many people in a short day. Let’s exchange information. Giving your resume to us or your business card will lead to a chat further down the line. It is great to follow up with an email or call after the event.  Please refrain from calling repeatedly as we speak with many people during the day and we promise we will return your call. Job seekers please do not get angry if it takes a little time for a placement.  Our division has a strict credentialing process which we must adhere to.  We will let you know what things you need to bring in when we call and email you and then you will be ready for an orientation.

4. The “Comfy Connie” OR “Impressive Irene”
Dress to impress! Too many times I see people frequent these events in very casual attire because they want to feel “COMFORTABLE.” It is not a very good first impression if you have an “I really do not care” attitude.  The way you present yourself is a true reflection of how others will view you. If you are a job seeker, you should dress as if you are going on an interview. I always remember a person that treats a job fair as a TRUE first impression!  If you are a vendor/potential client there are two key points here. They are interviewing me too. I must dress to impress!  Plus I want to see that they are professional and have those same qualities too.  If an event states that it is a casual affair, please consider it to be a business casual day! Please remember that when clothes fit properly, you will be comfortable!

If you are any of these people recognize it and try to change!

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