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Recruiting for Occupational Therapy Jobs in New York

recruiting for occupational therapy jobs in new yorkI’m fairly new at Horizon Healthcare Staffing, having come from a teaching background—but it’s amazing to see how two seemingly different career paths are so interconnected and similar!

I’m currently recruiting and coordinating occupational therapists and health paraprofessionals at various schools throughout the New York City Department of Education and Long Island school districts. I’m also recruiting a variety of healthcare therapists for different opportunities in skilled nursing facilities, private practices, and home care ranging from per diem, coverage, part-time, ongoing, and full-time in all five boroughs, Long Island, and parts of Westchester. And, I really enjoy it! It’s wonderful connecting the right therapist for the job that fits their needs and passions. And it relates in bringing my passion for helping people and ensuring all from children to senior citizens are being serviced and well-cared for.

It’s all about conversations and communication–and the more I get to know about you and what fits your schedule and lifestyle, the more fine-tuned and better fitting the prospects will be. Do you drive? Have you thought about travel time when looking at a job? Certain things you might take for granted are precisely what will help make that next work opportunity stellar instead of cringe-inducing.

Are you multi-lingual? Do you prefer working in pediatrics, with students, young or older? Or do you feel an adult or geriatric population better suits your strengths? Are you a new graduate or in need of a change? These are just some of the questions you should be asking of yourself when looking for a new job or career.

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