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How To Dress For A Successful Nursing Interview

Author: Rosemarie Eccleston – Senior Vice President, Nursing Services

Though I’ve seen a lot in this position, the occasional nurse comes dressed for their interview at Horizon Healthcare Staffing in ways that continue to amaze me.  If they’re not in scrubs, then they’re in sweat pants, hoodies or other such forms of unattractive attire.

I can’t help but exclaim at some point during the interview process, surely you wouldn’t go to an interview dressed that way….or would you?!  As I artfully steer the conversation in the direction of attire, attitude, polish, well put together resume and proper diction, I look closely at the candidate for signs of confusion, indifference or other “signs” that all might not be well on the home front.

As succinctly as possible, I convey the following tips for “dressing for success”:

Neat business attire defined as:






The rule of thumb that goes back for centuries is to dress for the position to which you aspire, not the one for which you are interviewing.  Given a choice between two equally qualified candidates, the well dressed candidate will get the job.

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Good luck!

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