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Being a Nurse on Thanksgiving: A Different Kind of Blessing

being a nurse on thanksgivingBeing a nurse on Thanksgiving is a different kind of blessing. While other nurse employees are at home with their families, you are at work, missing that special family time together. You have to remember the reason you first became a nurse; to help others. It’s what we call that selfless act of a being a healthcare professional.

The Challenge

Being scheduled on Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter is hard. We as nurses need to remember that it is about the patient’s needs and not our own especially on holidays. Patients would like to be home with their own families and friends. It’s not exactly the ideal situation to be lying in a hospital bed on Thanksgiving. Many patients have no one to visit them on holidays. Nurses may be the only “family” that they have on this holiday. Having their nurses take care of them is what makes them smile.

Tips on How to Deal With Working on Thanksgiving:

Being scheduled to work on Thanksgiving Day might turn out to be a fantastic way to build stronger relationships with your fellow co-workers. You can put together a special lunch, where your coworkers each bring in their favorite dish to share. This is another good way to bond with each other and celebrate the day.

Final Suggestion:

If you find yourself scheduled on another holiday try to remember the advice above. You tend to find the rewards in working on a holiday and giving up your own special time to care for others. Be it that it’s a holiday; you will also get holiday pay. At the end of the day, being a nurse is the most satisfying profession because every day you visit and care for your patients, you’re making them feel like they matter. That in its self should be all the motivation you need.

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