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5 Free Smartphone Apps Used By Healthcare Staffing Agencies

free smartphone apps for healthcare staffing agencies

Here is a list of the top 5 smartphone applications that I recommend to every candidate or employee who walks in the door. Once they start using them, they tell me how great they are!

1) Calendar: This is app is standard on most phones. It’s very useful for candidates to record the days and times that you are schedule to work. Recruiters can use the calendar to indicate which days a candidate is available to work. Candidates can even set reminders on their phone to alert them and remind them that they are scheduled to work.

2) HopStop: Many of our resources work in New York City and surrounding areas. They require and rely on public transportation. This application is great because you can plug in your current location and the address of where you need to go. It then gives you a list of multiple public transportation routes, such as bus, train, walking or taxi. It even tells you the estimated travel time and price you would have to pay. This application came in great for some of my staff during a snowstorm when their cars were snowed in. They were able to use this and find the quickest way to get to work using public transportation!

3) DropBox: This app is perfect for keeping all credentials and important documents with you at all times without carrying them around. Simply download the application and it gives 2 GB of storage for free! You can upload word documents, PDF scans, photos, etc. on this application. Once a document is uploaded it can be emailed to anyone at anytime! Lately, a number of candidates have been sending resumes and updated credentials to me like this.

4) ZocDoc: Being a healthcare professional requires you to be in good health! This application gives a list of doctors and specialists, their location, next available appointment and what insurance they take. It’s perfect for when you need an updated annual physical!

5) ScanItAll: This is my favorite! This application allows you to take a picture of a document with your phone, then scans it so it comes out clear. The pictures is then converted into a PDF document that you can email or message to someone. I tell every one of my co-workers about this application! It’s perfect for sending time sheets and updated credentials rather than faxing!

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